Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Twice the frequency

On top of the Black Market on the first Sunday of every month, we'll also be setting up stall at Black Books, which went so well it's going monthly on the third Sunday of every month! So, see yez all on the 21st, Black Box, Hill Street, Belfast, 12-5pm, for another selection of the finest self-published and small press comics from all over Ireland. As our retailing hero and inspiration Jim Megaw would say, don't you miss it.

Friday, 5 February 2010

The Black Panel returns this Sunday 7th Feburary.

After the success of the Black Books event, we're lucky to have any Phil Barrett comics left I hear!

I'd like to tell you we'll also have a talking mussel in a vat, belly dancers and a troupe of swordfighters who at the end of their choreographed display will swallow their swords only to pull them out again in March. Well, I've told you that and if the cool new stock sells so well, it might happen.

A bit of background behind in setting up the Black Panel and our first experiences in this article on Alltern8.com