Saturday, 13 August 2011

Black Box Bazaar tomorrow

The Black Market is no more. In its place, the Black Box Bazaar. Which is exactly the same. Andy's taking a break, but I'll be there as usual with the usual range of self-published comics by artists from both sides of the border, alongside all the other handmade crafts and buns and old vinyl records and everything else. And they do great slices of pizza in the cafe in the front. Tomorrow, Sunday 14 August, at the Black Box on Hill Street, 12 to 5 pm. Come along and see what creative Belfast has to offer.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

New comix Belfast - more than a rack-load!

[Update: A few extra dates on the events calendar at the side - This Saturday! Check it out!]


I'm hungover but it's blogger's duty to be here. Or is that a drunk's duty? I'll behave.

The April Black Market featured new comics!

Don't Panic!, a really great 'writer drawing' book by Debbie McCormack and Gareth Andrew McKnight. Already attracting mini-meme attention with it's "Further Adventures of Nick Cave" strips. Here's the website. That's a quid.

Lo-Fi (The Hungry Eye), a glossy collection of really beautiful street art pieces from over 20 artists at Belfast's Base event and beyond. Funded by Bag of Bees under the Vectors Versus Vandalism project. Three quid.

And ¿@#!*$ is doing the rounds, a free comics sheet to accompany the Catalyst Arts exhibition of the same name. (Which you should really check out) Good collection with the usual Catalyst names attached, and folk such as Phil Barrett, Douglas Noble and Malcy Duff. Oh, and I've a piece there too. The Facebook link is here.

As part of the exhibition/festival Stephen Downey and I will be releasing the new edition of Absence.

This comic about epilepsies has received funding for distribution all over the province and quite frankly, it's bloody brilliant. A big thanks to everyone who purchased Version 1.0 at the Market and beyond, and who provided feedback and reviews. These actions nurtured an important comic in a fragile stage. But no, you can't have your money back, but you can have this new copy for free.

The launch party is on April 21st. Facebook link.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Black Market returns this Sunday!

The Black Market is back, for the first time since before Christmas, on Sunday 6 February. Our stall will be there as ever, selling the finest selection of comics from Irish artists from both sides of the border, not to mention a few ex-pats.

We'll have two new titles available: First, Waiting for the Mothership, Deirdre Ruane's second collection of strips from her Wasted Epiphanies webcomic (and we've got a restock of her first, One Word For Everything, as well). So more autobiographical musings, whimsical science fiction vignettes and "Tempin' Bear", this time in colour!

Our other new title is Supernatural Showcase, in which the satirical wits of Gar Shanley and Cathal Duggan, who previously brought us Superhero Showcase, turn their attention to horror, with even funnier results.

Not to mention our many other fantastic titles. Hope we'll see you there!