The Black Box

Distributing at The Black Box 2009-2011

The Black Panel is made possible through the combined efforts of Alice Quigley and Trans Belfast, The Black Box, Paddy Brown and Andy Luke.

The binding theme: all comics sold at our stall are produced by creators in the North and South of Ireland. Most are self-financed and self-published. As is the way, we represent the machine of the creative comix industry in these areas.

Since setting up at The Black Box in December 2009 we've had a steady stream of returning customers and an ever growing range: currently over fifty comics not sold regularly anywhere else.

The comics stall appears on the first Sunday of the month from 2-5pm. Along with stalls selling cakes, jewellry, ttv photos, print, vinyl, books, badges, zines, posters, poi and other things.

Black Box, 18-22 Hill Street, Belfast, BT1 2LA (Google Map)

See that big fish at the front? That's by a Belfast small press cartoonist that is. As well as the links here, you can keep informed of the current generation over at the Belfast Comics Blogspot.

The Black Panel Diaries are part of Andy's regular writings for written during the original incarnation of the distribution agency run wirh Paddy Brown at The Black Box. Documenting experiences as a cartoonist at the front line selling homemade comics to people at community markets. Often these will have a focus on Irish comics creators with images, interviews and reviews competing alongside other media. In addition, features on non-comics stalls at Belfast's Black Box and notes on the city's art scene, because it's important.

25 June
On Tour: Part 3. From 2-d in Derry onto the Black Market in Belfast and to the Point Village Comics Festival in Dublin in a week. Featuring hangovers, heat and a spiritual journey.

20 June
On Tour: Part 2. At the 2D Festival in Derry, the lads prepare to sell their wares and pick up a new batch for Belfast. Except both have stomach damage, and Andy starts more fights than a superhero team-up, before hurtling into Hades.

11 June
The Black Panel Tour begins in the spotlight of the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, followed by retinal recovery with Pub Draw, the last regular Black Books event and the 2D Festival in Derry.

8th May
A special interview edition with Phil Barrett, author of 'Matter' and 'My First Festival', and the Black Market's top-selling cartoonist.

28th April
Reviewing the community Cthulu, Bridgeen Gillespie's 'Derry Walls', Gerry Hunt and Rob Curley. With input from Paddy Brown and John Robbins, and announcing our 2010 Tour.

16th March
Interviews with organiser Alice Quigley, painter-poet-cartoonist Dale Mawhinney, a summary of on-site free-sheets and some video footage.

16 February
Smoking cigarettes and raising electric card money at the first regular Black Books event and reviewing the work of the city's comic strip storyteller, Mal Coney.

9 December

Paddy and Andy take on the road to Dublin to set up the first Black Panel and return to Belfast for their first day at The Black Market.