Selling your work

If you're a retailer in Belfast wanting to stock our wares, do get in touch! 

We conducted a poll in Summer 2010 among a group of Belfast business entrepreneurs. Coffee shops were named as the place where they'd most like to buy independent comics, followed by comics stores, bookstores and even the pub! So why not take a chance and bring a selection into your retail business. You can view our catalogue here.

Are you a Belfast creator interested in being part of our catalogue?

The Black Panel catalogue updates twice a year and the next one is due in February 2013.

Promoting your works and the shops they're in on a weekly basis: we'll help bridge relations between yourself and retailers in selling comics, prints and other merchandise, and signings. We send retailers personalised emails and act as an agent on your behalf. You can supply us product on a sale-or-return basis, or if the retailer is agreeable, on a direct sale basis. Electronic social media updates and free news-sheets will also be provided to stores quarterly for customers, to help them anticipate the demand for product. In exchange we take 10% of sold work after the retailer, so no sale, no loss.

To save on postage costs, stock is only collected at festival events and social meets. We do not charge for this. Posted work is at cost to you, and The Black Panel will deliver and collect to retailers as part of our running.

In our catalogues, we'll endeavour to include product description and images, however the best service is delivered by you providing a sales pitch summary in words and pictures. For more details see the About page.

- Andy Luke, 20 October 2012


Distribution at The Black Box 2009-2011

We're very thankful to our customers and other stallholders who have made our experience an enjoyable one. Please tell your friends about the market and promote it where possible. The great wealth of talent gets overlooked by those not knowing where they are looking.

Selling Your Work

If you're an Irish comics creator we will stock your comics on 30% sale or return, for a while! If you have a comic you'd like us to stock, email and we'll sort something out. Or just call by with a batch of stock. Unfortunately, we can only stock Irish small press, purely down to issues of space.

While Paddy and Andy have been doing the bulk of the work, we'd like to mix it up a little. Give our customers some fresh faced actual real life cartoonists to talk with and sign books. For stall-hands, the fee is 20% and better placement to sell your own work. (Paddy and Andy's books sell bestest)

If you're based outside Belfast and would like to come down for the day to man the stall, let us know. The consequence will probably spark off our creative energies, publicising a Special Guest Cartoonist with internets, leaflets and new dance routines. We also have a small range of over-night sofas to choose from, though day tripping is well catered to.