Retailers can download the 2012 Black Panel catalogue from here

What Is The Black Panel?

The Black Panel offers a shop-within-a-shop service for retailers, bridging you with creative
publishers under an identifiable local produce banner.

What The Black Panel Does For You

The Black Panel handles all distribution between artist and store and passes funds direct to creators.
Comics are stocked on a sale-or-return basis. You keep 25% of sales, we keep 10% to help with
running costs, and the remaining 65% goes to the publishers to help with theirs.
You're also free to pursue straight buy options by giving us a 10% of the book cost. Our publishers
often lower costs for straight buys and volume deals.
We'll check in with you at least once a quarter to collect any sales monies, take stock to go and
deliver new product, as well as confer on business development. We'll keep you up to date with
email personally tailored to your shop, and as a local small business, The Black Panel can promise
to provide support within the week.

The shop within a shop concept allows us to drive business to each another.

Once a fortnight, I'll promote our relationship using social and commercial media. My experience in
this area has seen me work as a columnist in numerous venues including Bleeding Cool, Comics
International, Bugpowder, Irish Comic News and as Best Content Weblog award winner at

As an adopter of local products, I believe you are offering something unique, and that's worth

To maintain awareness of the selection on offer, a twice-yearly retailer's catalogue and a small print
run free sheet for customers is available.

For shops showing a commitment to working with us over the months, point-of-sale stands will be
provided. We also offer banner heads and display books free of charge. We'll act as a go-between,
informing you of any comixers keen to be part of book signings, or group workshops. If there's an
artist you'd like to appear at your store, commission or focus on the work of, we'll do our best to
help make it happen. We'll supply you periodically with free comic books for customers, and to
enhance your profits, offer discounts with large sales.

Andy Luke, Black Panel Distribution, July 2012

Terms and Conditions

Retailer accepts responsibility for all stock provided. Where missing or
unreasonably damaged, stock will count as sold and the store will be liable.
Stores will be similarly responsible for return or cost of display units
should they leave the distribution scheme within 26 weeks.

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