Where-ever possible we try to offer direct buy links from the artist or publisher.  

 Postage is a flat 50p per item except were stated, and we will throw in freebies or postage refunds on large orders. If you're ordering from Europe or the Republic of Ireland, we suggest you visit the artist's website to order. For the UK, this website is likely to be the more affordable option. 

This page will be updated within the next week.

Fancy some smaller prose collections mixed in with your comics? Why not try the work of John Robbins on our main page or at the Bockedy Books Shop.

Purchase through The Black Panel (£5 plus 50p postage)

£1 from each sale is donated to Action Cancer. (UK pub)

Again, £1 from each sale goes to Action Cancer. (UK pub)

Coming Soon ...Peter Loftus' Survival In A Void

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