Monday, 22 March 2010

Well, we had a livelier Black Books at the weekend, selling out of some more works by Phil Barrett and some of my own! It's nice to see the event pick up the same sort of pace the Black Market boasts.

There's a new page here. The Black Panel Diaries is a monthly feature, part of my column output for relaying my experiences at the Black Box. I provide some comics world context, and will write about something going on at the Black Market/Black Books which has nothing to do with comics.

There's no Black Market event in April and Black Books returns on Sunday 18th April. I've chosen this date to release the print version of 'Absence'. It's a 24 hour comic about my life living with epilepsy and local blogger Danny Pongo had this to say,

"Fantastic! A perfectly measured mix of poignancy, humour, and what i took most from it was its informative, educational aspects. should be essential reading for anyone coping with epilepsy, along with their loved ones, and makes for a far better more aunthentic experience than those dry boke NHS screeds you find." -

This is my 25th self-published comic book, so I hope to make it a bit of an event. Spread the word!

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