Saturday, 31 July 2010

August 1st Black Market - Andy's Sale Starts Tomorrow!

I've not had a new booklet out since March and thought I should replenish my stock. However, the purchase of a dodgy printer cartridge means a lot of my stock has come out not as clear as I'd like it. The reproductions are readable, but more lo-fi than usual. To that end, tomorrow's Black Panel will feature a number of discounted works. Previously on sale in Belfast in short supply, each is printed on green, blue, pink or yellow paper. You will be able to pick up these comics for 50p or less!

Optimus and Me
14-year old Andy Luke returns from delivering the East Belfast Herald and Post to find his friend, the transforming leader of the heroic autobots waiting for a chat.

Crush (aka Transformers 2)
In the far-flung future, the Free Presbyterians are boycotting the cinema release of Transformers 2. In the past, the 18-year old Andy is in love for the first time. Faced with a rock, Optimus helps him find balance among his shaken beliefs, in a very special visit to Cybertron. This edition has a new final page which makes it's print debut.

The A-Team : Playing with a full Decker

Military Police Colonel Roderick Decker must catch the A-Team at all costs. His mother sees more important things in life, such as a balanced diet. Will Colonel Decker be able to find them? Will no-one else help?

Doors open 12pm-5pm: The Black Box, 18-22 Hill Street, Belfast BT1 2LA‎

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