Thursday, 25 November 2010

Happy Birthday and Christmas: The Black Panel is a bit like Jesus

The forthcoming Black Market (Dec 5th) and Black Books (Dec 19th) will mark the Black Panel's 1st anniversary at the stall. This is good. We should probably have a big bash with special guests. Of course, all our guests are special.

Here's a preview of what's coming through the doors and off the floors in 2011:

Deirdre Ruane
, author of Wasted Epiphanies, and the collection, One Word for Everything, is having a collection to fund a print run of a new 48-page comic. We plan to get some in. We've just sold out of Deirdre's work, so if you'd like a copy of Waiting for the Mothership that might arrive in time for Christmas you can secure one for £5 (or more) by visiting her project funder at Indiegogo. [LINK]

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